42 Quick And Easy Remodel RV Ideas

It’s not easy to find a cheap and easy fifth-wheel remodeling project out there, so we hope this publication can help! However, I think we should start by saying that none of us has an eye for design. The decoration is not one of our strong clothes. But with a little effort, we were able to turn the fifth wheel of the Rockwood Forest into our home for a little effort, time and money. When we began buying older, used caravans, we felt a little intimidated by the amount of work we felt needed to renew the interior. Although there are many DIY tutorials out there, we have too much on Pinterest so we don’t feel confident about our capabilities. So when we found a caravan that already had a white cupboard and a nice floor, we were very happy. Even though our fifth wheel has many good features, you can see in the previous photos that small TLC is still needed. So with a few easy changes, we feel that we are truly transforming our camping into a home. With our success despite the lack of renovations and experience in interior decoration, we know that anyone can do this simple update. The best of all, it only takes 1 week before being on the road! We are very excited to convert full time so we don’t want to wait for the total time needed to overhaul the RV.