41 Treehouse Campground Adventure

The highlight of every childhood fantasy is the magnificent tree house. For small children, it is a fortress in the sky and a fantasy paradise that protects them from monsters, turns them into mythical creatures, or acts as a launch control module for a very dangerous space mission. For every child who is lucky enough to have it, this is one of the biggest gifts parents can give. When you are ready to realize your dreams, there are a number of things that need to be considered first. Do you want to be a play house that accommodates all your friends or just a small cave where you can read books? How high did you become? How good are you at DIY skills? But above all, what does the child want? You obviously need a tree, preferably a large tree, on your own property and out of public reach. It does not have to support the entire tree house, but reduces the amount of support needed.